Ustaad Cabdi Risaaq Mursal oo ku guuleystay deeqda PHD ee Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda.
Dufcada koowaad ee kulliyadda Sayniska oo difaacanaya buugga qalinjebinta.
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Prof. Dr. Abdi siad, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Science, SNU

Welcome to the Faculty of Science. We are pleased to have you join our passionate learners and researchers community. As the dean of the faculty, I would like to share a few thoughts with you:

  • Your time at the Faculty of Science will be filled with discoveries, challenges, and growth. Embrace this opportunity to explore new fields, make lasting friendships, and develop skills to shape your future.
  • Our dedicated and experienced faculty members are committed to providing you with a world-class education. They are experts in their fields and eager to share their knowledge and passion for science
  • We believe that learning is not limited to the classroom. Our programs offer practical, hands-on experiences to help you develop the skills needed to excel in your chosen field.
  • Support and resources: We will support you throughout your journey. Our academic advisors, mentors, and support staff can help you navigate your academic and personal development.
  • Be part of a community: You are now part of a diverse and inclusive community of learners, teachers, and researchers. Engage with your peers, share ideas, and contribute to the rich tapestry of our faculty.

Once again, welcome to the Faculty of Science! We wish you a rewarding and fulfilling academic experience. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Let the journey begin!

Research and Lab

Through close guidance from specialized professors, our students delve into in-depth independent research and hands-on laboratory endeavors, fostering scientific proficiency and practical expertise within their respective disciplines.

Collaborative Learning Style

SNU's learning sessions are not merely lectures; instead, they are dynamic exchanges of ideas and knowledge, where both students and professors contribute to a shared learning journey.

Student-centered Learning

At SNU, students play a pivotal role in fostering a dynamic learning environment. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to align with the varied learning approaches of our students.

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